I’on Neighborhood

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Down oak-lined Mathis Ferry Road in Mount Pleasant hides one of the area’s most sought-after neighborhoods. The I’on neighborhood, which was founded in April 1995, has successfully created a space that combines the convenience and culture of twenty-first living with the strong ties and community of days gone by.

The entrance to ION

The 243 acres of the I’on community is named after Jacob Bond I’on (1782-1859), who served as mayor of Sullivan’s Island and who fought in the War of 1812. After a long career in service to his community and nation, I’on was laid to rest in the family cemetery, which now lies within the grounds of his namesake neighborhood.

When the neighborhood was founded, nothing else existed like it in Mount Pleasant–and, arguably, nothing still does. While later communities like Park West, have a similar idea behind them, none offer such a unique approach to neighborhood living. The minds behind the space envisioned a place that had parks for families to play in, porches to relax on, and trails to provide safe, stimulating places to exercise; in other words, they wanted to make a neighborhood that your grandparents might have grown up in.

The I'on Creek Club

The I’on Creek Club

The I’on neighborhood is far more than a collection of houses; it is an experience for its residents. There is particular detail paid to the specific design elements of the community and the housing style. The I’on Homeowners Association feels so strongly about the link between design and function that they have a specific style that all housing must adhere to: Lowcountry Vernacular Architecture. Because of this holistic approach, I’on is well-planned out and pleasing to the eye no matter where you are in the neighborhood.

The I'on boat landing

The I’on boat landing

The community also seeks to enrich the residents’ day-to-day lives through the I’on Trust, a non-profit organization specifically set up to provide quality entertainment to this area. The trust sponsors movie nights, architectural walks, speakers, and art shows. This element of living in I’on, combined with the shops and restaurants at the entrance, creates a wonderful, unique environment for those who call I’on home.

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