Located to the west of James Island and separated by the Stono River sits rustic Johns Island. This unique island has a long history dating back to the 1600’s where nomadic tribes of Native Americans, including the Kiawah and Stono tribes, used these lands for hunting and fishing. By the 1700’s European settlers moved into the area taking advantage of the fertile land that Johns Island had to offer and established numerous plantations and farms. By the 1800’s Johns Island was a full fledged farming community. To this day, Johns Island yields some of the highest quality, homegrown  produce in the south thanks to the many active farms that are still in operation. Every Saturday, visitors and locals alike are invited to the Johns Island Sustainable Farmers Market featuring over 50 local vendors and farmers, live music, and entertainment for the kids.

Johns Island is also home to Angel Oak, one of the oldest, most spectacular Oaks left in the south. Located in the scenic Angel Oak Park, it stands over 65 feet tall and is estimated to be between 400 and 500 years old. It is considered a must-see attraction by locals and newcomers alike.

Johns Island is just a 10 minute drive to downtown Charleston, but if feels like worlds away. The island is surrounded by rivers and waterways as well as small tidal creeks which makes it a prime location for waterfront real estate. Just inland from the Stono River are beautiful plantation style homes and cozier family cottages tucked away between old Oak forests. The scenic views and rustic lifestyle are staples of Johns Island.