Adele – Hello Realtor Parody Going Viral

By January 25, 2016 September 29th, 2016 Around Charleston

Over the past year we have seen real estate agents around the country showcasing their creative side while putting a humorous spin on common challenges that occur routinely in the real estate industry.

About 6 months ago we came across this funny Taylor Swift parody by real estate agent Andrea Madison Romero of Romero Homes in Phoenix, Arizona. Cleverly, instead of  Swift’s original “shake it off”, it’s “a day off” which I’m sure every agent can relate to.  The video went on to be featured by several real estate blogs and news sites. The video has over 10,000 views currently.

However, there’s a new real-estate-parody sheriff in town now and she’s powered by one of Adele’s most popular songs: ‘Hello’. This hilarious spoof is produced by REALTOR® Megan Hill Mitchum and her realtor friends Jennifer Clark and Heather Carey in Iowa. The video was posted to Youtube on Saturday and already has over 80,000 views! Check out the Adele Hello Realtor parody here:

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